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Property protection trust

A problem shared...

Do you own your home jointly, perhaps with your partner or spouse?

If you only have single or mirror wills in place, you are at high risk of losing your family home to care costs; there is an essential part of your estate planning which can prevent this.

As well as ensuring that your children receive a minimum of 50% of the property’s value upon your death, whilst further ensuring that your spouse or partner can continue to live in their home and benefit from your share if the property upon your death. 

Care costs, on average equate to around £700 per week, which will quickly total up to a large sum. Currently, anyone with assets above £23,250 may not receive state help to cover the costs of their care - this is why many families would have to sell their home.

With a mirror will, your home will default to the survivor upon your death. If the survivor then goes into care and there are no other assets available to fund care costs - the Local Authority will means test 100% of the property value - they may request sale of the property to fund care costs. 

With a property protection trust, you can protect your share of the home and ensure that is passed on to who you want it to. In fact, 50% of the property is automatically protected on first death so the deceased’s share will not be used to fund care costs for the survivor. 

As this is the most cost effective way to help protect your share of your home - we strongly advise talking to one of our expert estate planners to discuss your options.

Estate planning products are provided by Silvergate Wills Ltd and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 

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