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why silvergate?

Our office is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We have created a homely feel with comfortable meeting rooms to ensure that you feel most at ease whilst discussing your personal affairs. We will even make you a fresh cup of tea upon your appointment. 

Organising your final estate can be a daunting prospect, we are fully aware of how personal our services are to you - this has always been at the forefront of our minds. Should you be using Silvergate Group’s Estate Planning services - we are more than happy to come out to your home address to discuss this with you at a mutually convenient time, even if this is out of our office hours. Should you be unable to come into our offices, or would purely feel more comfortable in your own home - this will come of absolutely no extra charge to you.

Your initial appointment is completely free. We will discuss your matters with you and advise you of what we would recommend for you and your needs, with no obligation to proceed with a purchase.

To schedule your appointments, you are welcome to talk to our office staff at any time within office hours, and should you wish for your appointment to be arranged privately, we can guide you through to one of our meeting rooms.

Our Estate Planners are qualified members of The Society of Will Writers - with our expert knowledge and regular training, we will proudly assist you with handling your final estate. We tailor our advice to your personal circumstances, ensuring that you are left with total peace of mind for your hard earned assets, your estate and for your loved ones.

If that isn't enough to convince you to get in touch, just look at what our customers are saying on our testimonial page!

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