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There are many points in our life when we need to plan for the future and as such the unknown. At Silvergate we have a wide range of products and services which can give you the peace of mind that whatever the future brings we can ensure what you want to happen does. We can’t stop the future, but we can help to make it less scary than it needs to be.


From a simple Will outlining who you would like as guardians of your children, through to complex Trust work helping to protect your estate and assets from non-bloodline relatives, to plans to ensure your family home is protected from care home fees, we really do cover it all.


Whether it is for financial reasons or just to ensure your loved ones don’t have the stress after you’ve gone, please get in touch and don’t put off until “tomorrow”.

Estate planning products are provided by Silvergate Wills Ltd and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 

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